Photo of a technician building an interior air system.

Flexibility to address all your indoor environmental requirements.

Our Custom Solutions companies offer you the flexibility to address all your indoor environmental requirements with innovative HVAC solutions–from symphony centers, museums, libraries, spas and amusement centers, to demanding applications like industrial manufacturing, utilities and process cooling.

We provide systems for new buildings and for retrofits and replacements.

CLEANSUITE® fully-integrated diffuser systems help provide cleanroom-grade airflow and aerobiological control in operating rooms to help prevent surgical site infections (SSIs).  DX and chiller systems can be equipped with screw, scroll, digital scroll or Turbocor® oil-free magnetic bearing centrifugal compressors to match application requirements with the most efficient mechanical cooling solution.

Evaporative condensers can reduce kW draw by 25 to 30% versus air-cooled condensers.  Coupled with demand charge savings (up to 30%), they can save up to 40% in operating costs and rival efficiencies of water-cooled centrifugal systems.  Below are examples of how our companies can help provide innovative, dependable and flexible HVAC solutions to help you meet your design goals.

Advantages of using a custom solution include:

  • Ultra-quiet Operation
  • Laminar airflow for operating rooms
  • Special configurations
  • Knock-down air handler construction
  • Specialized materials
  • Built-in Redundancy and energy efficiency with FANWALL technology
  • Precision Temperature & Humidity Control
  • Complete Chiller / Boiler Plants
  • Cleanroom grade air handlers
  • Energy-recovery with industrial exhaust