Photo of a corporate building with an inset image of an air control system.

Commercial buildings today are required by building codes to provide outside air ventilation while occupied.

ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2004, Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality, provides guidelines for calculating the minimum amount of outside air ventilation needed.  Dedicated Outside Air Systems (DOAS) take the guess work out of ensuring that you are delivering the right amount of fresh outdoor air to each indoor space. Units are available with energy recovery and can be integrated with a geothermal heat pump loop.

DOAS systems deliver the right amount of fresh outdoor air to each indoor space and save energy by treating that air, leaving only the sensible cooling load for the remaining HVAC components.

DOAS systems can be used with traditional hydronic terminal devices, such as unit ventilators and fan coils.  Popular designs over the past few years have added active chilled beams to buildings, which can provide for increased  energy savings from supply fans.