Photo of a radiant heat panel.

Central heating applications for all classes of facilities.

Central heating plants generate heating in one location for distribution to multiple locations, and represent approximately 25% of HVAC systems applications.  Central heating systems are used in almost all classes of facilities, but are more predominant in larger buildings where there is a high density of energy use.  They are particularly suited to applications maximizing equipment service life and for energy recovery applications where process or year-round cooling energy can be harnessed to generate hot water.

Boilers are used in the majority of heating central plants, and they vary greatly in size and type.

A boiler may be purchased as a package that includes the boiler, chemical feed, expansion tanks, heat exchangers, pumps, valves and associated controls in one package.  Such an arrangement minimizes the installation and commissioning.

Heat is applied to the space via the following applications:

  • Baseboard Radiation
  • Finned-Tube (or fin-tube) Radiation
  • Radiant Panel
  • Fan Coils
  • Duct Coils
  • Air Handler Coils